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Choosing your very first guitar - Choosing an Amp

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Choosing your amp:

Electric guitars need an amp, I don't think I need to point out why... Your first amp should be:

- Reliable
- Affordable
- Versatile
- And has to sound great

There are many amps on the market today, but I actually do have a favourite when it comes to beginner amps (it even makes a great practice amp for professionals). The Rolland Cube. Bang for the buck, you can't get anything better. They almost never need cleaning, they are already filled with effects so you can experiment, they sound really good to. They come in various sizes and powers, but the Cube 30 is really an awesome machine.

Also, you need a cable to connect your guitar to your amp. You can get cables for 5$ and you can get some for 200$. A word of advise: "Don't buy a 5$ cable!" A good cable is the equivalent of having good tires on your car. Not everyone needs the 500$/tire setup, but 20$ tires can make you hate your car, especially in winter. The same applies to an electric guitar setup. A 5$ cable can make a GNR's Slash sound like crap. As a beginner, you should get a cable in the 20$ to 30$ range. Believe me, you'll appreciate it.