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Transforming a Jaguar Bass into a Bass VI. Wait, what?

Sometimes, you can't get the instrument you need for your band project. So, you need someone like me to either make one, or transform one. This one is for a band project, I had to transform a Squier Jaguar Bass into a Bass VI. The work involved routing three pickup cavities, a control cavity, modifying the headstock, changing the bridge and, of course, making the whole thing work! I'll let the pictures do the talking.

guitar modification luthier ottawa 4 It all started with this dis-assembled Jaguar Bass. It's a short scale instrument with a narrow nut. Fitting six strings in there was going to be tricky.







So, here is the fun part:

guitar modification luthier pickup routing routing patern

guitar modification luthier ottawa pickup rout completed rout

guitar modification luthier ottawa headstock modification Headstock modification

guitar modification luthier ottawa custom electronics Custom electronics. The pickups are controled with three on/on switches and sent to the circuit.

guitar modification luthier ottawa And, the completed project.

guitar modification luthier ottawa 3