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Cracked headstock repair

Cracked headstock repair

Today I fixed the broken headstock on the Willie Nelson guitar. The tuners were the only thing keeping it from actually snapping off from the string tention. It's always a little stressfull to fix a cracked headstock, because you need to pry open the crack to get the glue in. You have to move very slowly, or the headstockcould just snap off. If that happens, you're in for a little more work to fix it.

Luckilly, all went well on the Willie Nelson. I pried the crack open really slowly with a wide, tappered shim. Then, I filled the crack with glue, clamped it together and cleaned up the excess.

ottawa guitar repair-31   ottawa guitar repair-32

In the pictures above, you can see that this seemingly little crack is in fact a big one!

ottawa guitar repair-33   ottawa guitar repair-34

Now, you can see the finished join. Tomorrow, once the glue is completely dry, I will fill in the crack with a bit of lacquer and smooth is out. Like this, the player will never feel that broken headstock!


I finished the guitar today. I thought I would add to the thread by poting pictures of the finished headstock. Here it is:

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