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Welcome to Weston Instruments, a guitar repair centre in Ottawa, Ontario. A place where neglected, old, worn and broken instruments find a new life thanks to Ian Weston, Luthier. Ian is a member of the Guild of American Luthiers, schooled at the Totnes School of Guitarmaking in England, apprenticed for 4 years at Luthierie MF in Montreal, and pursues ongoing education in the field. Weston Instruments is accredited by the Guardian Association. Weston Instruments is also equipped with one of only three Plek machines in Canada, and is a memeber of the Plek service and support team. The shop is a service centre for both C.F. Martin, Santa Cruz and Taylor Guitars.


With over 10 000 repairs and over 25 builds of experience, I can fix, modify, setup, tune up or build your treasured instrument. You can read my resume in the About section of this website, or read what others have to say on the testimonials page, and the google+ page. We also have a very active facebook page. In the world of guitars and basses, its the smallest adjustments that make the hugest difference. And when it comes to years of use, I can make your treasured guitar new again. With a healthy blend of art and science, I can give your musical instrument a life you might have never discovered.


Have fun perusing through the website. There are a bunch of articles about the science behind guitars, old patents, univeristy reasearch papers and more in the Article and Blog section.

Weston Instruments services guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos, bouzoukis and many other instruments in the Ottawa, Kanata, Ashton, Stitsville, Richmond, Almonte and Carleton place region. And if you need a custom build, I will ship worldwide.

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As for major repairs, these things can happen. Headstocks break, tops can split, braces come unglued, frets get worn out. Whatever you need for a major repair, or modification, bring me your guitar and I will make it sing again.

A glow in the dark, 5 string electric mandolinMy philosophy: Every pre-fabricated guitar, bass, mandolin, bouzouki or other instrument is a wonderful base that needs to be adapted to your playing style, they just need a little help. Everyone is different and everyone needs something different. Sometimes the musician needs to learn a new trick to be able to play a certain lick, but most times, the guitar hasn't been prepared to play for you.

Are you sure you're using the string gauge that suits you best? Are your frets the ideal size for you?
Are you benefiting from Direct Coupling? Are your harmonics in check, yet the guitar still a bit off? Do you feel any pain in your hand or forearm after an hour of playing? When is the last time you had a Luthier ask you to demonstrate your playing before making any suggestions?

These are just a few of the questions I ask before setting up an instrument. Because you and your guitar are a team, someone has to prepare the musician (not me), and someone needs to prepare the guitar for the musician (me).

Give me a call, schedule an appointment, or e-mail me to see what can be done.

A custom made electric Mandolin for the Acoustic music co. in England  Ottawa guitar repair - Flying V mandolin in the making

5 string electric mandolin from Ottawa guitar repair