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Custom Built Guitars

So, you want a custom built guitar? OR are you looking for some serious modifications to an existing instrument? This is the place

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Oddly enough, I will be one of the first to admit that a custom is really not for everyone. But if you are one of the few who knows exactly what he/she wants in a guitar, and cannot find it anywhere, then you have come to the right place. Your imagination is the only limit. We can start from scatch, and make an electric, or acoustic guitar to suit your needs, or I can take something like you favorite bass, and replace it's fingerboard with a new one with lights in it!

Getting a custom instrument built is a big deal. Not only from an investment point of view, but mainly because of the future instrument itself.

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When ordering a custom instrument, you are telling the builder, me, everything you want on the guitar. That's the string spacing at the nut, the bridge, the radius of the fretboard, the fret size, the scale, the woods being used for all the parts, the finish being used on all the parts, the shape, the weight. You really have to know what will work for you, not think you know what will work. Of course, a qualified professional should be there to help you in the selection of these variables.


Ottawa custom acoustic guitar

It would be my pleasure to build you a one of a kind instrument. But if you are considering this, I have a few suggestions first:

  • Make sure you have actually tried as many properly setup guitars as necessary with one of the specs you are about to order.
  • Don't order an oil finished maple neck if you have never tried one.
  • Don't ask for a compound radius if you have never played a guitar that had one.

Once you have cornered what suits you best. Then, let's get a pencil and paper out and start drawing up your instrument.