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Custom Electric Mandolins

I can't explain why I like Mandolins so much, I can barely play them. I'm an electric guitarist, so people I know find it quite odd when I tell them I build electric mandolins. But they're so much fun! I fool around with them mostly. Plugging in an electric mandolin and turning up the distortion is very amusing.

So, I build custom Mandolins for musicians who need them.electric mandolin flying v You can look around the internet, and you will quickly realize that there isn't that much selection out there. You can get a 4 string electric mandolin from Epiphone, they call it the Mandobird, but 5 string electric mandolins are really only available through custom builders like myself.

"Put it through clean, and it’s a jazz box, or a Tele, or a Strat. Beef it up a bit with a tubescreamer, and it’s a Les Paul. Hit that fuzz box, and it’s a shred machine. There just aren’t very many electric mandolins out there that are designed to be this versatile."

- Joe Brent


5 string electric mandolin cedar neck  





5 string electric mandolin

My standard custom electric mandolins include the following, They are available in 4 and 5 string configuration. I will also make 8 string custom mandolins on demand:

- 13" 7/8 scale length
- Seymoure Duncan Cool Rails pickup
- Grover mini rotomatic tuners
- CTS pots
- Switchcraft jacks
- Dual action truss rods
- Quarter sawn Maple Neck through constructions, or Deep Set Spanish Cedar, or customer specs glow-in-the-dark-guitar-mandolin-1- Carved tops
- Bound ebony fingerboards
- Grover straplock ready strap pins
- Solid alder/ash or mahogany body
- Solid colour finish

custom electric mandolin  electric mandolin cedar neck 28  electric mandolin cedar neck duo shot

Prices start at $1400.00CAD. Any and all custom options are available, just ask and I will price it for you.

Bellow are some pictures of my custom electric mandolins

 Flying V Electric Mandolin 2   electric mandolin cedar neck Weeping Angel