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Crazy electric mandolin

Glow in the dark mandolin - GuitarI had just finished building a Flying V electric mandolin. I thought it was pretty awesome, but I could see how the shape would turn off many players. The Mandolin circles still seem a bit conservative. So, I decided to design a new model, something a little bit more traditional. I was going to stay in the solid body realm, but it had do be a more "standard" shape.


I came up with a double cut design, similar to a PRS shape, but quite different at the same time. But I was always thinking in the back of my mind: "How am I going to make this thing awesome?".


I want to keep creating instruments that have never been seen before. And at one point, I'm not sure when, I thought a glow in the dark electric mandolin would be as awesome as it can get.


So, here it is. It has a two piece maple, neck through body. The body wings are made of ash, along with the headstock veneer. The fretboard is white bound ebony.

Profile view of a glow in the dark mandolin - guitar

As for the electronics, I have done something that has been done in the past, but seldom seen. I angled the pickup so that the treble side is closer to the nut, and the bass side closer to the bridge. This single pickup, opposite slant design produces a much more balanced tone. Usually, the bass tones are too basy, and can have an over coning effect through an amp, and the higher frequencies are too shrill. This configuration of the pickup on an electric mandolin balances everything in harmony. The volume and tone controls allow you to shape the sound to your liking.