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Custom guitar parts

Custom guitar parts

Sometimes, a broken part hapens to be one of those parts that is out of production. These things happen, like the bridge assembly of a Gibson EBO bass. These bridges were notorious for bending, and many of them need to be replaced. Unfortunately, the Gibson EBO bridge is not available, not is a tune-o-matic bridge for an electric mandolin. These parts need to be made from scratch.

Here is a picture of two custom made tune-o-matic bridges for electric mandolins. ottawa guitar repair, custom made partsI use these on the instruments I build. I was unable to find anything pre made on the market, so I had these made.

When it comes to wodden parts, I can make anything in the shop. One of my friends had a very cheap mandolin that he baught at a garage sale for 20$. It had a broken bridge, but anything off the shelf would have cost him more than the mandolin its selfe. Since the botom part, thumb wheels and threaded posts where still good, I simply made the bridge out of stronger, more durable ebony.


Ottawa guitar repair-1It was a nasty break, and fixing it would have been futile, as the grain direction made the entire thing prone to splitting under the incredible tension of an 8-string mandolin.

The new part didn't match the base, I know, but it's now much stronger than it used to be. Ottawa guitar repair - custom made ebony mandolin bridge