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Warranty / Legal notice

Weston Instruments is a registered business in the province of Ontario, based in Ottawa. Weston instruments offers stringed instrument repair and fabrication. All instruments are insured to their full market value while under the care of Weston Instruments. 

Any and all setups are warrantied for 30 days after the payment of the invoice. Due to environmental differences between my guitar workshop and the instruments residence, it is possible that some components will move after the guitar, bass, mandolin or banjo settles in its home.

Delivery times:

Quoted delivery times are a guideline only. Even though I will always strive to deliver fast and efficient service, delivery times are affected by type of work commissioned, the total shop workload and job specific factors such as, but not limited to: Curing time for finishes and adhesives, the type of work being performed in parallel with a commission and human factors.

Maintenance work such as setups, fretwork, electronics, minor structural repairs and refrets are given a priority in the work schedule. Restoration projects, custom commissions, major aesthetic and structural work is performed once priority work is completed. The work load is scheduled as such because of the irregularity in the amount and type of major projects that are commissioned by customers on a yearly basis.

Payment terms:

Weston instruments accepts cash, certified check, money order, wire transfer payments, credit card and interac. Non cash payments must be made out to Weston instruments. All services must be paid prior to the instrument being survived/repaired/built can leave the workshop. In the case of fabrications, payment terms are 40% dawn with the order and the balance due upon completion of the instrument.

If this happens within the 30 day period of warranty, I will reset the guitar to what you want, and need it to be.

All custom built instruments have a lifetime warranty (for the original owner) against manufacturing defects. All components not manufactured by Weston Instruments ar warrantied by their respective manufacturers. These warranties may vary, depending on the component and its manufacturer.


On completion of the Requested Service Work, Weston Instruments will attempt to notify the Customer by phone, email or text. The Customer will have 15 days to pick up the completed Instrument, after which a storage fee of $5.00 per day will be added to the bill and any responsibility for its safety will expire. Any instrument left over 90 days without notification and further storage arrangements being made by the Customer, will be subject to sale to cover the cost of repair, after which Weston Instruments will bear no responsibility whatsoever for the Instrument or its value.

No goods may be returned without our prior written authorization. All transportation costs for any returned goods are for the account of Buyer and to be paid prior to shipment. Any goods otherwise returned may be refused by us. Under no circumstances will we accept a return of goods manufactured to Buyer's specifications.

No order may be cancelled except with our prior written agreement. We retain the sole and exclusive discretion whether to do so. If we 
permit Buyer to cancel an order, we will impose a cancellation fee and restocking charge to be determined by us, which amount shall be in our sole discretion.

What is not covered:

In order for the warranty on repairs to be valid, the guitar, bass, mandolin or banjo in question must be returned to Weston Instruments without having been modified. If the instrument in question has been worked on, modified or damaged by it's owner, or a another repair person, the warrantee will be void.

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