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We are lucky to be a very busy shop, but that can have the consequence of me spending to much time answering calls and emails, and not enough getting the work done on your instruments. For this reason, I have put together a short FAQ. Please read it carefully before emailing, as I will only answer questions that aren't already answered here. This allows me to spend more time at the bench, which means faster turn around times!

Frequently asked qestions:

When can I bring in my instrument?

The work shop is By Appointment Only. We are currently booked about a month ahead, but you're welcome to contact us to book a slot. Please make sure you have read the rest of the FAQ as well, as many of your questions may already be answered here.

Thank you for your ongoing support and patience

How much will the service cost?

Our most common repairs are listed on our pricing page, right here. If what you are looking to have done is not listed on that page, you will have to bring your instrument for an evaluation, which is free and done on the spot at the counter during your appointment. Estimates cannot be provided via emails and pictures.

When will my guitar be ready?

Setups, fretwork, playability issues, hardware and electronic component replacement/modification as well as regular acoustic repairs (bridge re-glues, loose/broken braces, cracks) are our most requested services. I try my best to turn these types of work orders around as quickly as I can. Currently, they’re ready for pickup a week to two weeks after drop off.

More complex projects like structural repairs, cosmetic repairs and modifications requiring serious alterations to a guitar (think neck reset, or installing a Strat style tremolo on a Tele) are quoted once the project is received. Given that these vary greatly in nature, and the amount of these coming in is also uneven, turn around times will vary through the year.

Can you service my guitar while I wait?

I am sorry, this is not possible.

How often should I have my instrument serviced?

 The best measure is yourself. This is not like a dental office - we won’t call you every six months to remind you to come in. If you’re happy with your instrument’s performance, just keep playing it. If you’re not happy with it, even after changing your strings, we’re happy to do whatever is needed to restore your instrument to all its former glory.

My guitar was awesome six months ago, now it sucks! what the hell happened!?

Your guitar is basically a Hygrometer (device used to measure the Relative Humidity in the surrounding environment). Instead of a needle or a digital read out to tell you that the environment is too dry or too wet, things will start to go wrong: Your guitar may start buzzing, or be unpleasant to play; the bridge may come unglued, or the top and/or back may crack; fret ends will stick out and feel sharp (even drawing blood!). Fine musical instruments are made of wood, which is a Hygroscopic material. Climate control is the best way to ensure longterm performance and reduce damage. Keep your instruments in a 43% to 47% RH environment, and you’ll spend a whole lot more time playing, and less time swearing. You can read more on this subject here.

Your instrument still might not be completely satisfactory after reacclimatizing, but it needs to be in a known, stable state for us to adjust it. Please ensure that your instrument is stabilized at 43%-47% RH before bringing it in (give or take, that’s the perfect range, but nothing will explode at 40%, or 50%). There’s just no point in bringing your guitar for repair if it was next to a slow burning wood stove in February, or in the basement in the summer - you’ll just end up paying for it to sit in a climate controlled room before we can even lay hands on it.

I'm looking for information on "name an instrument topic". Can you help me?

I appreciate your curiosity and enthusiasm, we share the same passion, but I'm a Luthier, not a search engine. You will have to find your own sources of information if you're doing research.

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We do not sell any contact information to any third parties. We keep all such information confidential. The shop is under 24/7 monitored camera surveillance.

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