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A year has gone by

One full year has passed

It has been an incredible adventure, and it's only been one year since I've been serving the Ottawa region. I am very happy with all the work that I have had the privilege to accomplish during my start here. I've already been handed important structural repair on vintage acoustics, lacuqer repairs and refinishes, countless setups and refrets. I've counted my tags and in 2013, so far, I've repaired 350 instruments. A lot of the interesting jobs get posted on my Facebook page, and thank you to all of those who have been following it.

Here was one of the most interesting repairs of the year: A complete restoration on a 1963 Gibson J-45. The following video shows the end result, and here is the run down:

- Neck reset, refret, finish restoration, top, back and sides strictural repairs. A brand new Brazilian Rosewood bridge had to made to replace the old broken one. Thank you to Pat Hawley for the assistance on that one.